Monday 23 June
Whole School Assembly.

Tuesday 24 June
Town v Country Athletics at Huntington.
7pm Home & School Association Meeting.

Wednesday 25 June
Years 7 & 8 Assemblies.
Food Option - Afternoon Tea Event.

Thursday 26 June
Whole School Reading
Year 9 Induction Assembly with Y10 Team.

Friday 27 June
Whole School Assembly.

Newsletter 20 June



Caedmon School Uniform




Black skirt or black trousers
Plain white shirt with standard collar
School tie*
Caedmon Blazer*
Black v-neck jumper* (optional)
White socks with skirts, black/dark grey with trousers
Black school shoes


Black trousers
Plain white shirt with standard collar
School tie*
Caedmon Blazer*
Black v-neck jumper* (optional)
Dark grey/black socks
Black school shoes

*Ties, blazers and jumpers with the school badge on are available from school.

Order form - please complete and return to school with your cash or cheque.

Trousers, blouses, shirts and jumpers must be a normal close fit. Loose fitting “fashion” garments are dangerous in laboratories and workshops and must not be worn. Shirts should be tucked in at all times. No badges or slogans on items of clothing are permitted. Coats and hats must be taken off and left in lockers or cloakrooms.


Skirts must be a sensible length. Very short skirts are strictly forbidden. For reasons of safety, skirts must not be tight fitting.


For boys - trousers should not be cord, jean or combat styles. For girls - they should not be cord, jean or combat style nor should they be low waisted, flared, laced or split at the sides.


Parents are asked to ensure that safe and sensible shoes are worn by their children. They should, in all cases, be black and polishable. They should not be suede, skater style or black trainers. For girls - slipper style mules should not be worn. Please remember that all students must have adequate foot protection in science laboratories and all technology workshops. Sensible boots may be worn with trousers. Soles that pick up mud cause much dust, which presents problems for those students who have asthma and other respiratory complaints. Such soles are strictly forbidden on grounds of Health and Safety. Trainers should NOT be worn to or from school.

Belts should be black and should not have large buckles.


Jewellery & Piercings
The only jewellery allowed in school is a watch. NO other jewellery should be worn. Piercings should NOT be worn.


Hair & Make-Up
Extremes in hairstyle, colour and pattern are NOT allowed. Make-up should be discreet and unobtrusive.


School Bags
School bags need to be big enough to carry the equipment and books that are required in school. Small handbag style bags are not suitable for school and should not be used.

P. E. Clothing

White polo shirt with black piping
Plain black running shorts (no stripes)
Hockey boots/Football boots
Plain black knee length blue socks
Short white socks
Navy blue/black track suit (optional)


White polo shirt with black piping
School rugby shirt*
Plain black shorts (no stripes)
Plain black knee length socks
Football boots
Navy/blue or black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
Cricket whites may be worn, but are not compulsory

All sports clothing is now available to purchase from school.

Please note:
  • All kit must have name tags on.
  • Imitation strips of famous football clubs are not permitted.
  • Football shorts of longer length are not allowed.
  • Training shoes may be required for some indoor P. E.

In the Autumn and Winter terms, football or hockey boots will be needed.

All these items may be purchased from wherever parents find convenient.
No fluorescent coloured trainers or football boots allowed.
All Football/Rugby boots must have regulation BS safety studs for all school use (these are available to buy from school - £2.00 per set).
Gum shields recommended for rugby and hockey (these are available to buy from school - £1.00).

Important: Non-participants
If your child is unable to participate owing to medical problems, a note must be provided with address, contact telephone number and date. The child will still need to bring PE kit. He/she will change and do non-physical activities in connection with lessons.