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Wednesday 16 July
Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

Thursday 17 July
Whole School Reading

Friday 18 July

Newsletter 11 July


Whitby Astronomical Society - Science Week
Science teachers from Caedmon, Eskdale and Whitby CC together with members of the Whitby Astronomical Society, staff from the Boulby Underground Science Facility, the University of York and North Yorkshire LA have come together to put on two free astronomical events. On Tuesday 18 March, 6.30 at Whitby CC Dr Sean Paling from the Boulby Underground Science Facility will be giving a talk entitled 'Deep underground science at Boulby Mine, the search for dark matter and beyond'. On Thursday 20 March, 6.30 at Caedmon School Emily Brunsden, a teaching fellow from the University of York, will be giving talk entitled 'The Sun'. There is an opportunity after this event to experience the 'Star Dome'. After both of these events there will a chance to star gaze with the Whitby Astronomical Society (weather permitting).


Caedmon's Space Shot
We have started a really exciting project to put a weather balloon into near space. It will have two cameras, a GPS tracker and several computers on board. This is a jointly funded project along with RAF Fylingdales and Touchdown Services. We already have a lot of the equipment needed thanks to the RAF and some pupils are making good progress writing the programs for the computers. Touchdown Services supply "strongest signal sims" for mobile phones which will be a great asset if we have to track the descending balloon over remote areas like the North York Moors. Hopefully the pupils involved will get a visit to the RAF base at Fylingdales and see how they track space objects then it will be onto our own test flights. Over the coming months we hope to do a couple of tethered flights to test all the systems before the main event in early July. If all goes well, and the payload is recovered, we should end up with some stunning photographs and lots of useful data for our science lessons.

There is a lot of work to do and there is still room for pupils who are keen to join the group. Watch here for update!.