Monday 14 July

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Wednesday 16 July
Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

Thursday 17 July
Whole School Reading

Friday 18 July

Newsletter 11 July


The School Council

Each year, 32 pupils from each year group are elected to the Individual Year Councils. Eight pupils will be on the main committee with the remaining 24 divided into four sub-committees, as follows:

Group A - Day to Day
Group B - Enrichment of the curriculum, including school events.
Group C - School facilities
Group D - Assemblies

The job of the Year Council representatives is to seek the views of each form and take them to Year Council meetings. These meetings then set the agendas for Full School Council meetings and the representatives report back to their individual forms on the decisions taken. All pupils are given the chance to represent their forms at Year Council meetings and all can stand for election to the Full School Council.

One girl and one boy from each Individual Year Council will be voted onto the Full School Council.

The members of the Full School Council, alongside the Senior Leaders, provide a pupil voice on a number of school bodies. These include Parents Forum, Home & School Association and, by request, governors. They also meet with the kitchen staff regarding lunch and break-time provision, teaching staff regarding issues such as the charities committee and fundraising and provide an interview panel for staff appointments in the school.