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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Monitoring Performance and Behaviour

Cædmon School has developed a system of monitoring the performance and behaviour of students so that problems can be identified early and appropriate action taken. The school makes every effort to ensure that both child and family are aware that we are trying to help students develop as young people, ready to take up their lives as responsible adults in our society. On certain occasions, the need arises for students to be made aware that their behaviour or attitude is unsatisfactory.

…we are trying to help students develop as young people ready to take up their lives as responsible adults in our society.

Behaviour Tracker
In lessons, if a problem continues despite a final warning or a more serious incident has occurred, students will be removed from the classroom to avoid any disruption to learning. They will work with another teacher and will be given a suitable sanction by the original teacher. The sanction given will depend on the nature or persistence of the problem. Any such action is noted in the pupil’s planner and recorded on our behaviour tracker. The tracker is monitored closely by the form tutor and learning tutors. This enables them to identify problems and support the individual pupils, without delay. Positive comments are also recorded on the tracker to allow a fuller picture of pupils’ behaviour in lessons.

Report Form
Occasionally, the need arises to put a student ‘on report’ so that, during a short period, a report is made about behaviour or attitude in each lesson. If, at the end of this period, the problem is still evident, the form tutor or Learning Tutor will interview the student and meet with parents. Again, the report serves as a means of communication between the staff who are responsible for the student, and the parents who are asked to sign the report at the end of each day the student is being monitored.

In the case of a long-standing problem, the need may arise for the matter to be referred to the Senior Learning Tutor, Assistant Headteacher or the Headteacher. They will decide on how to proceed.

Book Checks
These are conducted by form tutors, Heads of Faculty, Learning Tutors and the Senior Leadership Team to monitor random samples of student work. According to the quality and standard evident in the student’s books and planner, commendations, merits, reports or monthly reviews with parents follow these inspections.

All staff have a commitment to mentoring students. Such mentoring can be used for a number of reasons: to monitor attainment and achievement, to check on the progress of those nominated as gifted and talented or to monitor effort and behaviour. Mentoring is conducted on a fortnightly basis by all form tutors and other members of the teaching staff, but can also include admin staff, TA’s etc. where they feel that their input can help.