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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Newsletter 11 July


Welcome to the Governors section.


We invite you to take a moment to see what the role of a Governor is at Caedmon School.

We work very closely, together, with the Head Teacher and staff to provide the best education possible for our pupils.

We are regularly looking for committed parents to become Governors.

Whether you are considering the role for yourself or are just keen to learn more about what we do, we hope that you find this section of interest.

The role of a governor

As a governor at Caedmon School we work with the school on strategic planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review so that all our children achieve their full potential. Governors also monitor and evaluate progress towards the school's priorities and targets. We are here to ask questions which are probing but hopefully not too confrontational and to work together with the Head Teacher and his staff. We should not be involved in the day to day running of the school, or try to be, and should at all times respect the professionalism of the Head Teacher and his staff.

Local Authority Appointed
Mr P Trumper

Elected Parents
Mrs F Thomson (Vice-Chair)
Mrs D Hardiman

Elected Staff
Mr P Kershaw
Mr C Firth


Elected Non-Teaching Staff
Mr D Orton

Mr N Slater (Chair)
Mrs E Spilman
Mrs P Cruz

Head Teacher

Mr R A Hewitt

Clerk to Governors

Mrs S Nedley

Further Information from The Department of Education