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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Newsletter 11 July


Most Able and Talented pupils


The government defines gifted and talented students as the following:


" Children and young people with one or more
abilities developed to a level significantly ahead
of their year group (or with the potential to develop
those abilities)."


At Caedmon school we will identify:


The Most Able

The school as a whole monitor the 'Most Able' pupils in the school. The most able list is generated from KS2 Maths and English data on entry - pupils who gained 5a or 5b in English and Mathematics.


Departmental Talented

Each department in the school generate their own smaller 'Talented' list for their department. This list is for pupils who work at the highest levels in the year group for that subject. Each department is responsible for the curriculum provision, enrichment and monitoring of pupils within this list.


Talents outside of normal school curriculum

Some gifts and talents may not be immediately obvious within the context of normal school life. For instance, a pupil may have exceptional skills in sailing. The school will register these talents on a list for extra-curricular activities out of school. Please contact the school if you wish to inform us of a talent outside of school.


In the classroom

It is the responsibility of all staff that they are involved in challenging all pupils to reach their full potential through quality teaching, extended questioning, assessment for learning, extension work and enrichment. The whole school lesson plan pro-forma has a section to highlight the more able pupils in each teaching class. The class teacher is responsible for challenging the different ability groups in each class.


Recommended Website
North Yorkshire County Council recommends the following website for parents, pupils and schools: