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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Newsletter 11 July


Design and Technology


The impact of technology on our lives is reflected in our housing, transport, leisure activities and the jobs we do. We need a thorough understanding of our modern industrial society and how things are designed and made.


Design & Technology is about
applying knowledge and skills
to solve practical problems

Our aim is for our young people to leave Key Stage 3 with technical knowledge, good judgement, fine craft skills and the enthusiasm to create clever ideas.
Materials used include food, metal, plastics and wood. Techniques covered include control, electronics, graphics and the use of Information Communications Technology in designing and manufacture.


Students learn to investigate real problems,
create designs, plan procedures,
manufacture what they have designed …


As well as improving their manipulative skills, students are encouraged to produce solutions which are effective, economical and aesthetically pleasing. During their three years at Cædmon, every student will engage in work of increasing technological complexity, moving from directed tasks in the early stages towards independent planning of their own activities and use of resources. Work in Year 9 is planned and structured to create a direct lead into Key Stage 4.Food Technology Lesson

In this fast-changing world, we aim to give young people the knowledge and ability to find answers to the problems of the future within the home, in the community and in the world of work.

Because of the diverse and engaging curriculum delivered within Design & Technology, some pupils progress at an accelerated pace. Within the year 9 options choices, Food Studies is offered as an internal course allowing students to develop their understanding of food health and practical cookery. In addition, pupils are encouraged to enter external competitions and challenges to allow them to demonstrate their skills and ability to a wider audience. Teams in recent years have proved to be very successful, winning many prestigious competitions.