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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Newsletter 11 July




Utilising four laboratories students are taught a Science course written by the department which follows the National Curriculum Programme of Study.


Using departmental worksheets, a wide range of textbooks, practical work, computer programs and audio-visual aids, including an interactive whiteboard, a curriculum which emphasises the important procedural skills in investigative work is taught to all students.Science Lessons


The students are aided in their study of a Learning Journey which lists the learning objectives for that topic in the form of a checklist, outlines the route of study through the unit of work and states the National Curriculum attainment targets that will be used to assess the students in that particular unit of study.

Homework is given during the topic and used to reinforce and develop ideas introduced in lessons. At the end of each term, students complete a SATs style test and pupils review their own work and make comments on how to improve.


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