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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Newsletter 11 July


Religious Studies


The aims of this course are:
• to give students the opportunity to reflect about themselves, their relationships with others and the world in which we live
• to help students develop an ability to explore questions connected with human existence
• to give students an awareness and encourage tolerance of the beliefs and practices of others
• to prepare pupils for GCSE


This is done by looking at a number of different religious themes from the major world faiths, for example: Lifestyles, Belief in God, Worship, Religious Festivals, Pilgrimage and Rites of Passage. It is also a key priority to give the students the opportunity to consider their own beliefs and their own place in the world.


It is hoped that through this course of study students are encouraged to consider the nature of belief more positively and be more knowledgeable and tolerant of the beliefs of others. A variety of media is used to promote an understanding and awareness of various religious beliefs and practices, including the use of text books, pictures, slides, video films, recorded word, guest speakers, art work and drama.

The structure of the course allows time for discussion and personal reflection, but also aims to build those analytical and critical skills necessary for undertaking GCSE. Currently all students go on to take GCSE RE if they attend Whitby Community College.