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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Physical Education


At Caedmon we deliver a broad and balanced PE curriculum, encouraging students to fulfil their potential. All students through PE and School Sport will begin to understand the benefit of leading a healthy and physically active lifestyle, along with developing the key principles of physical education.


The PE department is committed to helping students lead a healthy and active life and we want to provide every student the opportunity to fulfil this. PE is an important role in student's physical, mental and social development and within PE at Caedmon we aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment for this development to happen.Year 9 students coaching year 6 pupils

We have excellent facilities available at Caedmon and are able to offer a wide and interesting curriculum including activities such as Football, Netball, and Hockey along with new activities such as rock- it-ball and mountain biking.

All students are encouraged to express themselves to the best of their ability by being given the opportunity to compete in intra or inter school competition.


In Year 9 students are also provided with the opportunity to undertake the Level 1 Sports Leader Award run within the options block on a Wednesday afternoon. Through this course students learn the basic principles of leading sessions and organising sporting events. Students learn essential skills throughout this course which can be adopted for the rest of their lives.


At Caedmon we believe the extra-curricular opportunities are essential for social and academic development. This is why we have a wide range of sporting clubs and competitive fixtures both in and out of curriculum time.


The PE department also run numerous trips and visits with the highlight being the Hockey and Football tour to Holland.

Our successful Holland visit team

We aim to teach the right philosophy to educating students on sportsmanship and sporting conduct introducing students to a variety of sporting activities in the hope that they will continue to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.


During curriculum time, each child receives two hours of PE per week. Students are expected to bring PE kit whether they have a medical note or not as non-participants are still included in the lesson.

The PE Department offers an ever increasing number of extra-curricular clubs and activities. These take place on a lunchtime and after school. Our clubs are open to all pupils who want to take part.

The School has extensive playing fields which include two hockey pitches, two football pitches, one rugby pitch, two cricket squares, nine tennis courts, two netball courts and several cross-country routes. Indoor facilities include a fully equipped gymnasium and a hall.


As a school we work closely with local clubs to provide opportunities for our students and the local community to become engaged in sport.