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Wednesday 16 July
Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Newsletter 11 July


Modern Languages


A foreign language is taught to all levels of ability throughout the school, in line with the DfES national curriculum requirements. We aim to give students a solid and transferable knowledge, understanding and ability in language learning.


Students in year 7 will have previously studied French at their primary school. On arrival at Caedmon, each student will continue to progress on their individual level from KS2 in French. Each student will also have the opportunity to study German as a second language in order to enhance their language skills and awareness. Following an assessment, each student will be able to choose their preferred language at Christmas (i.e. French or German, which they will then study for the rest of their time at Caedmon. Should they wish, students will be able to take up a second language in year 9.

Our aim is to provide students with the essential tools for language learning. The lessons are in line with the KS3 framework for languages so that students show progression in listening and speaking, reading and writing, inter-cultural understanding, knowledge about language and language learning strategies. Each pupil is assessed individually and given a national curriculum level in MFL with a target in order to maximise their potential.


In order to expand, motivate and reinforce students' language skills, we offer an after-school 'clinic' for any student who would like extra tuition. The MFL department at Caedmon School is also committed to coach former students at the 'language clinic' so that they can reinforce and consolidate their GCSE studies.


We are in the process of creating a link with a French school to encourage student communication, exchanges and visits. The Confederation of Whitby Schools also has a link with a German school in F├╝rth and runs annual exchanges.

We work closely with Eskdale School and Whitby Community College to ensure that all students receive a similar grounding in both languages, in order to achieve a smooth transition at the end of year 9.