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Wednesday 16 July
Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

Thursday 17 July
Whole School Reading

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The aim of the course is to promote knowledge and understanding of important developments in British, European and World History relevant to modern society while introducing life skills for the world of work. The course is designed to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for the past through selected and topical subject matter and by linking study to recent events and modern interpretations.


At Caedmon, students complete historical depth, thematic and comparative study units in line with the National Curriculum requirements. All these units are strongly linked to British History and range from the impact of war from the First Century AD to 1940 to aspects of rebellion and revolution during the 17th and 18th centuries. The reign of Elizabeth I is studied in depth as is the nature of religious conflict from the 12th Century to the 16th Century.


ICT is widely used by students in the department for researching and presenting their work. Fieldwork visits are organised as part of the school enrichment programme and designed to improve pupil's historical awareness and investigative skills.


The Key Stage 3 programme of study provides a sound basis for the further study of GCSE and 'A' level History at Whitby Community College and for the pursuit of personal interest in the subject in later life.