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Citizenship & PHSE


At Cædmon the main objectives of Citizenship are to develop in every young person the knowledge and values which enable them to make progress towards:

• Becoming informed citizens
• Developing skills of enquiry and communication
• Developing skills of participation and responsible action
• Building a firm foundation for adult life

In addition to timetabled Citizenship lessons we have four strong influences in support of these objectives.
• The senior staff and pastoral team co-ordinate the support, mentoring and counselling of each young person.
• The principal point of support for all pupils is the form teacher who provides pastoral and academic support, guidance and leads pupils on a programme of personal and social education which links directly to the themes within Citizenship.
• Target setting, academic monitoring and reports help students to analyse and examine all aspects of progress.
• Subject teachers link National Curriculum themes to Citizenship objectives.


Citizenship in Year Seven is a course, which includes topics such as study skills, personal organisation, preparing for examinations, health issues, economic and environmental issues, bullying, freedom, responsibility and the law.


In Year Eight, the course focuses on self-analysis in relation to careers, citizenship and the community, the influence of alcohol and tobacco and the law, particularly in relation to our local community.

The sex education and drugs programmes begun in the Seventh Year and continued

through to the Ninth Year, are studied in greater depth, and the effects of discrimination are discussed.

Year Eight is completed with students playing the 'Real Game' which is designed to develop a greater understanding of the impact of careers choices and qualifications.

In Year Nine, human development and life issues are linked to our Careers programme which is designed to facilitate both a smooth progression to Whitby Community College through support with the Options process and a clearer understanding of the individual pupil's objectives in future life. In all areas of the taught Citizenship curriculum students study all levels of the political system; looking at the electoral system, voting rights, political structures and financial management.


Classroom Resources
These resources are used in our careers lessons:


Careersbox – A free online library of careers related film, news and information.

Fast Tomato – Interactive careers guidance and education for teenagers. – learning, training and work

Careerscape – Packed with information on careers, employment, education and training options.