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Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

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Newsletter 11 July


Caedmon Catch-up


News from the Pupils of Caedmon School

To all the readers of Caedmon Catch-up. Caedmon Catch-up is a newspaper for kids, by kids, we cover everything that happens at Caedmon from sport to cooking and just the general news, plus we will include one article in every edition about a particular teacher or member of staff. We are happy to accept any contributions to the newspaper from any pupils at Caedmon. If anyone wants to get involved with the newspaper, they are welcome ‘the more the merrier’. A new edition of Caedmon Catch-up will go out every term. The team wishes you all the best and please read the rest of the newspapers.

July 2013 Edition

This edition contains an interview with Mr Sewell where he answers questions set by the pupils. There is a piece about the school production, Bugsy Malone and details of our Enrichment Days. The team have also written a book review and an item about the Year 9 School Prom.

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