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Wednesday 16 July
Year 8 District Cricket Finals at Scarborough with Mr Hopper.

Thursday 17 July
Whole School Reading

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Newsletter 11 July


About Caedmon School


Caedmon School is a Key Stage 3 mixed comprehensive school with students between the ages of 11-14 and serves the small North Yorkshire town of Whitby. At the end of the Ninth Year, the majority of students transfer to Whitby Community College and remain there until the age of 16 or 18 following courses leading to public examinations.


At Caedmon we are fortunate in being a small school of 369 students with relatively large year groups. This gives us the flexibility to organise effective teaching in sets, mixed ability or banded teaching groups and allows students to be taught in the most effective way for them to make individual progress. It is the aim of the school for all students of all abilities to make 2 Levels progress in the National Curriculum during their time with us. We also expose many students to the rigours of GCSE work during Year 9 and pride ourselves on the excellent results those students of all abilities achieve.


Our timetable operates with 5 one hour lessons per day excluding assemblies and tutorial periods, this gives us 25 periods of teaching each week.


Students spend 3 years with us at Caedmon and we pride ourselves on the progress our students of all abilities make. Part of that success is the effect of the transfer of students to Caedmon from our excellent feeder primary schools. A range of staff visit the Year 6 students in our primary schools and get to know them and their teachers so that transition is a smooth process during one week in the summer term, leaving these students eager to join us in September.


Success at Whitby Community College is supported by the transfer from Caedmon. In Year 9 there is a final half term of activities where there is a transition from Key Stage 3 National Curriculum through to GCSE, Diploma and college courses.