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Newsletter 11 July



Yorkshire Coast Landslide at Book Awards

On 11th March, nine Caedmon pupils were lucky enough to attend the Yorkshire Coast Book Awards. We were invited to the awards, held in Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast, so we could vote on the day for the book we enjoyed the most from a short list of six books. Each of us had to read all six books to make us eligible to attend the awards.
The winner by a landslide victory was 'Wonder' by R.J Palacio, a very moving book about a boy with a facial deformity. I managed to interview the guest author at the awards, Sally Nicholls. She told me exclusively: 'Personally, I like funny books. I also like stories with characters that fit with the story plot.' Sally ran a high speed, high powered writers' workshop in the afternoon which was interesting and mentally challenging.
Students who went to these prestigious awards said they enjoyed the day out and they would recommend it to anyone – especially with the chicken on the stick buffet lunch! Next year's awards are already eagerly looked forward to, with Whitby schools planning to hold their own version of a childrens' book awards.


Report: Ryan from the Caedmon News Report Team



Brilliant Bradford Enrichment Trip

On Wednesday 12 March Year 8 went on a school trip to Bradford. Our aim was to experience something of a multicultural city and to learn about different religions represented in the area. We visited a mosque and a Gurdwara (a Sikh temple). Some of our year group were not looking forward to the trip as they did not know what to expect but in the end we were all glad that we went as it was an informative day – as well as a lot of fun.

Our first visit was to a mosque. As we got off the bus we were greeted by our Muslim host. He was friendly and helpful, showing us how Muslims clean certain parts of the body for Allah (their God) before they pray. We also learnt that they needed to be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared before they pray 5 times a day.


After lunch we visited the Gurdwara. Our Sikh hosts were really friendly and informative. The Sikh religion has three principles: remember God, work hard and honestly and be charitable (Sikhs share 10% of their time and income on charitable works). A Caedmon pupil we interviewed said, 'The trip was very educational and we learnt lots of facts about other religions. We also got to go shopping in the famous Bombay Stores which was a fabulous experience! It was filled with many items of ethnic clothing, jewellery and footwear which were all amazingly colourful.'

The trip was fun and a success as lots was learnt and we found that Bradford was much nicer than some of us had expected!

Reporters: Jess and Danielle, from the Year 8 Caedmon News Report Team



UK Kids Blast Ukraine Nuke Threat
Whitby pupils from Caedmon School, North Yorkshire are terrified that they could be nuked at any moment. In the event of a war with Russia developing over the Ukraine crisis, Whitby will be one of the first targets for a tactical nuclear strike. The reason? RAF Fylingdales, an aircraft, missile and satellite tracking station, is located just outside Whitby. The fact that war in the east could break out at any minute is putting the young people of Whitby on the edge of their seats. This has all happened because of the collapse of Ukraine's goverment. Russia has already moved troops to the Crimea area and the threat of war there is very real. In fact, Russia says it has successfully test-fired a ballistic missile.

Several pupils from Caedmon school were interviewed. One pupil said, 'I don't believe it will happen; it's a load of rubbish.' However, another pupil said, 'I am terrified. I am scared it will happen. The Russian government should grow up and stop being such a bully.'
Military expert, geography teacher and ex-RAF serviceman, Mr. Colclough said, 'There is a possibility of a tactical strike on Fylingdales - you never know. To live through a nuclear attack my advice is to dive underground and wear a strong helmet.'
Another member of staff who is an ex-RAF serviceman, Science Technician Mr. Hartley, commented , ' If a 100 megaton Tsar Bomba, the biggest nuclear bomb, does strike you would need to get underground within seconds or the air blast and shock wave following the explosion will annihilate you. After that you need a special suit or you will die from the radiation poisoning. Nothing of the school would be left standing.'

Pupils are keeping an uneasy eye on the developing situation. For up to date information please go to the BBC News website.

Reporters: Ryan, Dan and Sophie from the Caedmon News Report Team



Please go to the BBC website for more information on the BBC News School Report Day.